Custom made swimming goggles and diving masks


If you have a more complex prescription then an off-the-shelf goggle or mask might not be good enough. In such cases a custom-made product might be necessary.

Although more expensive, these are made exactly to your spectacle prescription and allow us to cater for much higher short or long-sighted prescriptions as well as astigmatism.

In a diving mask it also allows us to make them as a full prescription bifocal mask.

  • Swimming goggles or diving masks
  • Made exactly to your spectacle prescription
  • Up to +20/-20 sphere and 6.00 cyl (possibly even higher)
  • Different powers in each eye
  • Optional tint


As everyone's prescription is different, so the cost can vary. The products and prices below give an indication of the goggles and masks available as custom-made items and the prices they start from.

If you are interested in a custom-made product, please use this form to send us your full spectacle prescription and we will then be able to obtain an exact quote.

Please note:

  • PRISM: you may not have a value for this box
  • ADD: only required for a bifocal diving mask
  • PD/OC: if you do not have this to hand we can still obtain a quote but we will need this information before we process the order.

All custom-made goggles and masks usually take around 2 weeks to make. If you need by a specific date please contact us first to ensure availability.


Once you are happy with the quote, we suggest trying a sample first to ensure they fit. For this we charge a deposit which is fully refunded when the sample goggles/dive masks are returned.

We will also need to see a scanned copy of your spectacle prescription before proceeding with the order to ensure all the details are correct.


If you have any questions or wish to enquire about a different product please CONTACT US.

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Custom made swimming goggles and diving masks

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