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Looking good and seeing well is just part of it, making sure your goggles or masks fit well is also important. Here are our tips for getting the best pair for you.


How can I tell if goggles will fit without using them in water? 

For a good fit, your goggles should sit comfortably on the bridge of your nose and create a seal all the way around your eyes without any gaps.

You could use a mirror to check the seal as it can be difficult to spot when you are wearing them, or ask a friend.  Also to check the fit of your goggles before going swimming, lean forward, so your face is facing down towards the floor. Press the eye seals into your eye sockets and let go - they should stay in place if they are a good fit. You can make adjustments to the nosepiece and spread of the eyepiece, but if the goggles don't hold without the strap, at least for a few seconds, they probably will need a very tight strap to keep the water out.

Avoid making a bad fitting pair of goggles fit by over tightening the head strap. Although this may seem to work, you risk having sore eye sockets after a swim, so ideally you want a pair that keep the water out with only a low tension in the strap.

Then it is up to you to choose the swimming goggles you like the best.

All our goggles will protect your eyes from water and help you to see where you are going. This means you can focus on looking great and having the confidence to get the most from your time in the water.

How can I tell if a diving mask will fit without using them in water? 

Checking a diving mask  will make a good seal is easy.

Move the head strap to one side, place the mask onto your face and breathe in through your nose. Still breathing in through your nose, if you take your hands away the mask should stay in place, even if you pull gently on it.

Then when you breathe out through your nose the mask will fall away.  

If you feel any breeze around the edge of the mask or it does not stay in place it may not be the right one for you. Do not dismiss it straight away though, try the process again, just in case you did not have the silicone skirt seated on your face correctly.

If you have a beard or moustache, getting a complete seal will be almost impossible.

Remember, you should not have to over tighten the head strap to make it fit and when you dive the pressure will push the mask onto your face slightly more.

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