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Goggles on TV (2022)

Steve's in trouble

You don't need to have an eye examination underwater to get a pair of prescription swimming goggles...

...there is a much simpler way.


Goggles on TV (2016)

Do you wear glasses?

Our fun take on a possible consequence of not wearing a  pair of prescription swimming goggles at the pool.

Make sure you have fun in and around the pool with the right person!!


Radio (2016 & 2022)

John needs a helping hand!

Heading out your way across the airwaves you don't need to have an eye examination underwater to get a pair of prescription swimming goggles...

...there is a much simpler way.


Digital and print coverage

Water Safety Week

STA & PSG in conversation

James Sutton, optometrist at Prescription Swimming Goggles and Richard Timms, President of the Swimming Teacher Association (STA) discuss during 2016 Water Safety Week some research showing issues people have around water, water safety and especially their sight. 

Fun in Pool

Don't miss a thing.

Make sure you don't miss out on all the fun the family have in and around the pool. 

Shark Diving


The experience of a lifetime needs to be seen in all its glory so don't forget your prescription swimming goggles. 

Daily Mail

Forget stinging eyes, saggy swimsuits and painfully tight hats. Modern swimming technology has moved on. Here, we select five of the best new products...

Sutton Swimwear Mirror OPT1200 prescription goggles

Not being able to wear your contact lenses while swimming has always been a downside for those with less-than-perfect eyesight. These goggles, which you order online, filling in details of your prescription, are comfortable and stylish.

EXPERT VERDICT: ‘Swimming in contact lenses is dangerous as it increases the risk of eye infection considerably,’ says Sheraz Daya, medical director of the Centre for Sight in London. ‘These affordable prescription goggles are a really useful option.’

Sunday Mirror and People

Enjoy the deep blue see!

Whether you are swimming in the sea or having a splash in the pool, prescription goggles come in handy if you wear glasses. 

These smart, anti-fog, UV protection, mirrored goggles come in two colours and power from +8 to -10 with different sized nose bridges.

There are even diving masks too so you don’t miss the fish.

The Independent

New optical swimming goggles with different strength in each lens are now available from Butterflies Healthcare.

The People

How do you feel about swimming when you can’t see very well? 

There’s good news, in the shape of very affordable and brilliant prescription swimming goggles. 

They’re such a great idea. They take all the worry out of not being able to see and let you enjoy the water. 

See www.prescription-swimming-goggles.co.uk for details on how to order and there is an in-house optician if you need help. 
Priced from £16.

Sunday Telegraph


Now you can have your spectacle prescription made up for swimming goggles. The polycarbonate lenses are anti-fog and shatterproof. The goggles have soft silicone seals for comfort and the bridge is fully adjustable to fit most head sizes.

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Prices from £25.00

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