Christmas Gift Ideas

Whoever you are looking to buy for, we have some great gift ideas for the whole family.

Fun pool games

We all know if you start kids off in the right way, you've got a swimmer for life. By starting off right, we don’t just mean teaching them to swim safely - they need to have fun in the water.

It's one of the reasons we love Speedo, Zoggs & SwimCell pool games and they really help keep kids (big and small) entertained in the pool for longer.

The range includes toys suitable for babies and children whatever swim stage they're at, making them a great gift for anyone in the family.

Take your tunes into the pool with you

Whether you are swimming, surfing or running in the rain, our selection of IPX8 waterproof MP3 players make an ideal gift for your active friends and family.

Download your favourite songs from your computer and the 8GB storage will hold thousands of songs (with support for various formats) to help you swim longer (and faster)!

Great hair and great skin

We all want to look our best at Christmas and great skin and hair can be a part of this. Regular swimmers can find this difficult but with the Triswim products this becomes simple.

The range includes:
    • body lotion 
    • body wash 
    • conditioner 
    • shampoo

They are also colourful too, making them an excellent present or stocking filler.

Waterproof cosmetics

Designed to minimise the chance of a reaction (with or without contact lenses), Eye Care Cosmetics make-up and skincare products are developed in partnership with dermatologists, ophthalmologists and allergy specialists.

    • Backed by over 40 years of knowledge. 
    • Sold in 25 countries and a number one selling brand in France* 
    • A unique concept: the bio-inertia of the formulations
    • Multi-award winning

Our new gift/presentation boxes make a great gift with all the favourites in one stylish collection.

SwimCell waterproof pouch & backpack

The SwimCell waterproof pouch and backpack are perfect for use in and around the water. Swimming, snorkelling, sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding or just sitting and reading, whatever the water sport or location, SwimCell will ensure your phone, tablet and other gear stays safe and dry. 

With full clear windows front and back, you can use the phone/tablet pouches anyway round and you can still take photos, browse the internet, make calls etc. 

    • 100% waterproof, tested to 10m/33ft underwater. 
    • Rated IPX8 - the highest waterproof rating. 
    • Easy to use twist lock wheels.

SwimCell Cotton and Microfibre towel/robe

Extra soft and super warm, the cotton changing robe means you can change anywhere with complete privacy. 

While the microfibre 2-in-1 changing robe will dry you off quickly thanks to the ultra-soft microfibre suede that is super absorbent and can hold 7 times its weight in water.

Throw either of them on after swimming in the sea or pool, surfing, a day on the beach and you can dry off and warm up without flashing your bits to your fellow swimmers.

    • LARGE, MEDIUM and SMALL sizes

All day, all night Oculamp

Ocushield, specialists in blue light filtering, have launched the ultra-contemporary Oculamp, a thing of beauty that can help you wind down at night.

Settings are controlled via a touch-panel display. These help you keep your body clock in time, by controlling how much blue light it gives off, with three settings for different times of the day: 

    • Cool white  
    • Neutral white  
    • Warm white  

Improved wellbeing, better sleep and protection against digital eye strain.

Optipets glasses holders

Adults and kids are forever misplacing their glasses, now there’s a stand just for them to help keep them safe. 

These fun, handcrafted nose spectacle stands will hold glasses and keep them safe while they are not being worn.

    • Handmade 
    • Made from polyresin 
    • Multicoloured 
    • Available in a range of fun styles
            • Cricketer, Footballer, Golfer 
            • Giraffe,  Panda, Sloth

ThinOptics reading glasses

The world's thinnest reading glasses with cases that can fit on keys or in wallets, pockets, purses or anything else that's 'Always With You'.  

Weighing around 10g, they are beautifully thin, durable and lightweight.

    • Ultra-flexible: reading glasses that bend without breaking
    • Convenient: Reading glasses at your fingertips 
    • Quality: Premium metal case, soft brushed finish 
    • Compact: Slips easily into your wallet, purse or pocket

They come in four different powers from +1.00 to +2.50.

Happy Shopping

Merry Christmas  and a Happy New Year

*2021 IQVIA review of 69 brands, EYE CARE COSMETICS was the N°1 brand (by units sold) in the makeup market of Para pharmacies with a market share of 35.6%.

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